bosa Missing1

DRAFTED 3RD OVER ALL IN THE NFL DRAFT, JOEY BOSA IS THE LAST GUY HOLDING OUT. Bosa is being unreasonable at foolish because he’s holding out over when he gets guaranteed money and an offset clause that the Chargers are unwilling to budge on – the Chargers are right, on both counts. So Bosa who hasn’t played even a pre-season down of NFL football is acting like he’s irreplaceable. According to some reports, Bosa is willing to accept either the setoff language or the defer the signing bonus but not both. 

Bosa is going to get his signing bonus money (17 Million) That’s guaranteed. If he’s cut in the fourth year he’s going to get paid – because it, like the signing bonus it is guaranteed, so why does Bosa need 17 million right now, as opposed to 5, plus his salary? I frankly don’t know.

I’m not much of a fan of NFL ownership, but when you haven’t played a down, and you are not an impact position player like QB – sign your contract and prove yourself. Bosa will make about 30 million guaranteed even if he tanks, so I just don’t have much sympathy for him. I do have sympathy of the 3rd Rounder who has to fight every day for a piece of the pie, and to stay in the league and make a living. 

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