CHRIS SALE is one of the best pitchers in Baseball and he seems to be one of the most arrogant jerks as well. He cut up all the throwback jersey because they felt “uncomfortable”. 5 days suspension. He’s back and likely on the trade block.

Collaterally, the jerseys he cut up are hideous. They should be permanently retired to the garbage bin.

(Appeared in SI Online and in LANG newspapers)

CHRIS SALE…big baby


White Sox pitcher Chris Sale apparently doesn’t have an off-switch or adult self control. This past Saturday, Sale was scheduled to start. The White Sox had a “Throwback” Day, at which players had to wear uniforms from the 1980’s. Sale didn’t like the uniform so he did what any 2 year old would do… he threw a fit, and cut up his uniform with scissors. Then he voiced his displeasure at a team official, in the form a yelling at the official. To be clear, the uniforms Sale refused to wear are hideous. The Sox should retire, permanently the jerseys in question but that’s not the point. Sale acted like a Brat, who needs a time-out.

He got what he wanted. Sorta. His petulance cost him a five day suspension, and all of  Baseball commentators calling him a big baby. I suspect Sale is like many really good athletes who have been handed everything in life. They treat the world as annoyances just occupying their space, and if the athlete doesn’t like something, they lash out. Sale needs to grow up. Maybe getting his pay docked and suspended for 5 games will do it. Maybe not.

JIM HARBAUGH gettin’ down with his boys…

Harbaugh rap

Harbaugh would do anything to get his mug on the tube, and a recruit in the fold. He’s been known to climb trees, sleep-over at a recruit’s house, or do camps in the middle of Alabama (I think part of it was to piss Nick Saban off).  He was recently in a Hip-Hop video – all he did was scream at the camera but I think he’s got the Rap/Hip Hop bug now… next a full-on Rap video. “Yo Dawgs… yo”



JOHNNY MANZIEL is a living train-wreck. It’s a shame but his path is set. Manziel will never return to Professional Football. He’ll burn through his guaranteed money and in 5 years he’ll end up the subject a postmortem story in Sports Illustrated: “The Tragic End of Johnny Football”. Dude’s a wreck. Drugs, Alcohol and Gravity will do the rest.



THE JOE PATERNO Bronze was uprooted and removed at Penn State because it appeared that Paterno ignored evidence that Sandusky was abusing children. We’ve learned recently that Paterno was, apparently, told that Sandusky was abusing children. He heard it, and willfully ignored the abuse. If true, Penn State should remove all mention of that man’s legacy.

For the [many] KoolAide drinkers who still think the sun rose when JoePa got out of bed, I have a suggestion (see above).

KEVN DURANT has moved on…

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 8.27.12 PM.png

KEVIN DURANT has left OKC. It was a quick exit – leaving on a holiday with little for OKC to do but close the door and move on. The Warriors have built a super team and barring injury Golden State should challenge 2016’s 73 wins and anything less than a NBA Championship will be a massive disappointment. Poor OKC. Faithful to the end but still left at the doorway.



CLAYTON KERSHAW has kept the Dodgers from being out o the race before the All Star Break, but if he is out of the rotation for an extended period the Dodgers should plan on next year. If Kershaw doesn’t come back at full-Kershaw, even if they made the playoffs they would have a three man rotation of secondary starters. Plan on 2017 – this year is toast



THE LAKERS just bought a 64 Million Dollar Tomato Can in Timofrey Mozgov. Heck they could have done a reboot on Dwight Howard. At least The Lakers would know what they’d get; a guy willing to put in half an effort for  80% of his time all while demanding respect, and DeAndre Jordan pay. He’ll land somewhere, overpaid – but not overworked.