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It isn’t just the coverup -it recruiting shitty men in the first place. Baylor seemed to not care about the quality of men they were letting into Baylor. When you recruit shitty people to play football, you generally end up with shitty people… who can play football.

Recruit better people and you are more likely to avoid the raft of criminals playing for you,  and embarrasing explinations, and the ruining  of women’s lives.

NFL can’t help itself…

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The NFL tried to interfere with research, then lied about it. Truly amazing how the NFL can’t seem to stop shooting itself in the foot.

Just admit that banging your head can cause brain damage, and help stop head t0 head blows. But continuing with the Bullshit campaign isn’t helping the image.


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Green’s kick to Adams’ nut sack was intentional, but the NBA did want the series decided on it, so they let it go as just a Flagrant 1. Amazing how the NBA has “integrity” with every social issue, but when it comes to protecting it’s product e.g.: Warriors v Cavs, it looked the other way.