ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC hit LA like a thunderbolt last Saturday. Everyone, it seemed, thought he was the anointed owner of LA Sports. Well… until baseball season started. Then SHOHEI OHTANI pulled out his weapons and is doing Babe Ruthian things – bashing homers throwing 99MPH fastballs & breaking wrists with sick sinkers.

There can only be one Sheriff in HYPETOWN. Let the showdown begin!

Zlatan Ibrahimović the Soothsayer


His Full Page Ad in the LA Times with: “YOU’RE WELCOME” is pure Ibrahimovic – bold yet simple… I’m here LA… you’re welcome.

He showed off his old striker skills, willing  his prediction to reality, bringing the Galaxy back to life for a stunning win.  “YOU’RE WELCOME” LA

LA sports fans might soon realize that, like Ndamukong Suh The Great Zlatan comes with a “stompy foot” dark side. Both are as apt to dazzle as stomp an opponent’s hand. I predict a mixed bag of striking balls, busted chops and stomped on feet.

You’re Welcome, LA.