Most Mafia prosecutions happened when a hitman gets caugh and cuts a deal to avoid punishment. The “Dons” go to jail, and the hitman gets a new lease on life. That’s what happened with the Astros cheating scandal. A pitcher left the organization and told his story. MLB investigated and the only way it could gain cooperation was to grant immunity to players – the hitmen who did the deed. Players admitted to cheating but it wasn’t the cheaters who paid, it was the GM and Manager. They got canned and the players skated.

Astros will forever be known for a tainted championship.


Pete Rose has been on the baseball banned list for 32 years. He’s also banned from the Hall of Fame. Granted I thought at the time the permanent ban was justified. He bet on games (albeit he bet on his own team) and that was against the rules. The righteousness of banning Rose changed when MLB partnered with a professional gambling site, FanDuel. 32 years is enough Manfred. Reinstate Rose and allow him his spot in the Hall of Fame.