George Kliavkoff likely topped the list of “most Googled” on Thursday because few knew of him and fewer could pronounce his name before he was tapped as the new PAC12 Commissioner.

Kliavkoff replaces Larry Scott, the waste of air who ran the PAC12 into the ground while pulling in $4.8 million in salary and working in offices Louis XVI would envy. Kliavkoff wasted no time putting his fingerprints on the Pac12 rebuild. Zooming through a long list of Larry Scott’s failures, he set an agenda to fix the wreck Scott left starting with the obvious – fix the calamity of low revenue by the conference. The revenue-generating sports are dependent on media revenue, and that was stuck in 1970’s sitcom. Let no one gaslight the issue. Football and Men’s Basketball are the engine that makes the PAC12 run. Media money from the revenue sports finance, everything. Without Football and Mens Basketball there is no women’s softball or gymnastics. Scott had more interest in his food stipend than how to move the PAC12 into the 21st century and generate revenue.

Enough on Scott. He’s gone like Louis XVI head, but he left a wreck to repair. Kliavkoff seems well-suited for the fix. He’s a media and sports guy. A media caution I saw complained that Kliavkoff has no ‘experience’ with colleges. So? Seriously what does “college” have to do with college sports?

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