I WAS ASKED ON THE VODCAST THE DRILL how I come up with my cartoon ideas. The above is the end result of a moment where I had no idea what I would draw. I called my soccer-coaching son who suggested that I draw Germans putting together shitty IKEA furniture. Not bad.

Then I thought, well the Germans have some world history of getting their asses kicked in Mother Russia – so why not the team exiting from Russia with heads down lamenting about “never winning” in Russia…

Then I watched a South Korean take a ball to the ball sack. Idea problem solved.


Whoring for Dollars


LANDON DONOVAN decided it was a super cool idea to take money from Wells Fargo (the most ethically challenged bank in the western hemisphere) to pimp for ElTri  during the 2018 World Cup. Would B of Fraud ask Maradona  to root for Brazil because, hey, same hemisphere?

Donovan’s been rightfully ripped by former teammates and all Americans who aren’t blind.  ElTri plays dirty. They hate the USMNT – and its fans are the North American equivalent English club hooligans. They are, in a word – awful.

But hey Wells Fargo and Donavan is a natural couple. Ethically compromised and willing to do whatever it takes to make a buck.


King James throne

King James aka THE HEIR to THE THRONE OF EXCUSES. KING JAMES offering his subjects the:  “I am # 1” salute.

For all his immense size and talent, there seems only one thing bigger – LeBron James ability to turn off fans and embolden critics with his complaints from his throne of excuses. With that said – LeBron, please bring your kingdom to LA… please?



TRUMP announced that he was considering a pardon for Muhammad Ali. Ali’s conviction was overturned on appeal. Imagine the exchange:

Trump: I am going to pardon the greatest in the bigliest pardon in the history of pardoning

Aid: Um, Ali’s conviction was overturned – there is no conviction to pardon, Mr President.

Trump: Pardon me?