2019 -2021 featured as the Editorial Sports Cartoonist for the Los Angeles Times, with multiple Sports page 1 illustrations.

My cartoons have appeared in:

LA Daily News and its parent company LANG News Group papers; Orange County Register; Salt Lake Tribune; Denver Post. Dodger Magazine; ESPN; Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard; Hero Sports and many more.

Through republication, my work has been seen/republished online at: Chicago Tribune; Yahoo Sports; Yahoo Financial; MSN Sports; Apple News, in addition to several dozen other web republications.

Sculptor. Writer/Illustrator for Soccer Premier Magazine. Soccer Ref and Trial Attorney

Sports Sculptor (in bronze) – see Sculpture page….

Email at: jim@thompsonsportsart.com 


Three Sport dude in High School (Football, Track & Field and Baseball). Set Long Jump Records at El Camino Real HS in Woodland Hills Ca (Best 21-11) and I’ll brag about it while listening to Bruce Springsteen’s Glory Days.  Father of three. 1st born, a  Retired  decorated US Navy SEAL who has appeared on the Joe Rogan show, and serval other nationally recognized podcasts. Adventurer, skydiver, BASE Jumper and doer of many manly man things. ; 2nd Son – Music Director and High School Teacher in Texas, Lover of dogs and his girlfriend; 3rd Son, Former D1 Athlete at U Of Denver – about to call him “Doctor”

Trial Lawyer. Clients loved me when I won. 

Married to my best friend. 

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