BAKER MAYFIELD is the most impactful player in college football. He’s also passionate volatile and, a winner. Mayfield was the first walk-on to win the Heisman so it’s little wonder why he has a chip on his shoulder and, on occasion his passion spills over.

During the Kansas v Oklahoma game Mayfield was dissed by the J-Hawks and he turned the favor by grabbing his nut-sack and yelling “fuck you”.

To all the Naysayers – Baker Mayfield salutes you.



Most recently the Athletic Dept at Tennessee has been stepping on rakes. It’s 1st through about 12th choice for Head Football coach hasn’t been interested in the job. Hiring, then firing Doug Schiano in the same day didn’t help either. Now the AD is out.

“Head Ball” coaches are just not interested in coaching at Tennessee – which is really odd considering the rabid fanbase and the Football budget outspends Alabama.

The visual? The University of Tennessee has a rock. A rock, at Rocky Top. This rock is located on campus, and on this rock Vols spray-paint all sorts of stuff. Some creative, some not so witty. The rock is shaped weirdly like a face planted  dude with his ass in the air.





JOHNNY MANZIEL is a living train-wreck. It’s a shame but his path is set. Manziel will never return to Professional Football. He’ll burn through his guaranteed money and in 5 years he’ll end up the subject a postmortem story in Sports Illustrated: “The Tragic End of Johnny Football”. Dude’s a wreck. Drugs, Alcohol and Gravity will do the rest.



THE JOE PATERNO Bronze was uprooted and removed at Penn State because it appeared that Paterno ignored evidence that Sandusky was abusing children. We’ve learned recently that Paterno¬†was, apparently, told that Sandusky was abusing children. He heard it, and willfully ignored the abuse. If true, Penn State should remove all mention of that man’s legacy.

For the [many] KoolAide drinkers who still think the sun rose when JoePa got out of bed, I have a suggestion (see above).


Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 8.33.25 PM

NCAA and Nick Saban have hard-ons for Jim Harbaugh. Although Saban has said what an awful thing Satellite Camps are, he can’t and hasn’t explained why they “hurt” athletes. Saban doesn’t like them because he doesn’t do them, and he wants Harbaugh to get out of his backyard. The bottom line – Saban wants control and he’s pissed that he doesn’t have it with Harbaugh’s Camps.

Saban is acting like a Small Time Country Sheriff who wants to run the Moonshine Business. He thinks it’s a bad thing in public, but as long as he’s doing it… its cool.