YOU CAN’T GET DUMBER than being a celebrity, pretending your were robbed, then going on National and International TV and repeating the lie. Did Lochte really think that Rio’s Police wouldn’t investigate this… maybe look at video? Ask the Cabby if there was a robbery?  Ryan Lochte might be the dumbest athlete on the planet.



Gabby Douglas


GABBY DOUGLAS went from Glamour and Gold last Olympics to a Footnote in Rio. Internet Troll were all over her for not goose-stepping to their preconceived notion of respect for mates and country, so she was vilified on Social Media with nasty hashtags. Gabby explained that she loved her mates and her country but the Trolls kept coming and she broke down and cried.

I’m not shy about criticizing athletes — when they deserve it, Hope Solo (kinda my job); but that’s not the case with Douglas. She was disappointed and, perhaps, acted publicly disappointed – but she wasn’t disrespectful and un-patriotic, she was just bummed. That’s being human, not a jerk like Hope Solo. Big difference.

But, Trolls are gonna troll. It’s what they do.



LILLY KING doesn’t much like Russian cheater Yulia Efimova. During qualifying, when Efimova raised her finger signaling she was #1, Lilly wagged her finger back and forth in disgust to let the cheater know – no you are not number 1.

On Monday King threw some shade all over the reining World Champion and known cheater Efimova by winning the Breast Stroke in convincing fashion. Congrats Lilly.



TODAY IS OPENING CEREMONIES DAY. And today is the day for the Olympic Flame Cauldron Reveal. Rio’s Flame with buck tradition with the flame, not at the Track Stadium rather in Downtown Rio.

Rio was supposed to be the Games to push environmental activism. Rio’s medals are made of recycled metals. The ribbons are made from recycled plastic. The irony is, of course, the Games are an environmental  poopy  mess of the water venues  full of garbage with raw sewage spewing into the Bay.

The world doesn’t know what the Cauldron will look like – yet. I envision a giant Toilet and the eternal gas being, Methane.