I ADMIT to a little admiration for Jeff Fisher. How does someone, so inept and so incapable of performing keep a high profile high-paid job for 21 years. He is like the dude in Office Space that was fired years ago but the paperwork never caught with him.  Fisher is mocked and widely known for his fisher-line (actually its my invention), where he just keeps his coaching head, barely above water, year after year, posting 8-8 or 7-9 going nowhere.

How does this guy stay employed?



I’n not a Cubs fan. Not a Cubs hater either. They played well, won the Series they were supposed to win and now we all can put the superstitions to rest. Bury the curse – the Goat is dead. ¬†Bartman can finally come out of his house without looking over his shoulder.

This is the lead art in SI Extra Mustard this morning…

TIGER WOODS or tiger woods…

Tiger Woods has been the most competitive and driven golfer in the past 20 years. But his body has broken down and his swing isn’t Tiger-like. What’s the result for a guy who, didn’t play just to compete, but played only to win? He’s done like a Thanksgiving Turkey done. Tiger’s career, as we once knew it is over. His career is a +5 and will miss the cuttiger-in-a-hole