DRAYMOND GREEN published a photo of his “equipment” on social media. It was “instantly” deleted but that just means he deleted it and the rest of the world was sharing his photo of the jolly Green Johnson. Green said he pushed the wrong button… then said,  he was hacked. What’s missing from that ultimately silly justification is — why would any man in public life (really anyone with any self-respect)  take a photo of their stuff for distribution to the fairer sex?


TIM DUNCAN is the definition of Class


Duncan chose to retire, quietly, with no farewell tour. He won the same number of NBA Titles as Kobe, but he didn’t hold up his team for more money, he didn’t play, well past his best days, he didn’t announce at the beginning of his last year – that it was his last year. He retired. Mr. Duncan you are the definition of CLASS AND DIGNITY.

KEVN DURANT has moved on…

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 8.27.12 PM.png

KEVIN DURANT has left OKC. It was a quick exit – leaving on a holiday with little for OKC to do but close the door and move on. The Warriors have built a super team and barring injury Golden State should challenge 2016’s 73 wins and anything less than a NBA Championship will be a massive disappointment. Poor OKC. Faithful to the end but still left at the doorway.