TODAY IS OPENING CEREMONIES DAY. And today is the day for the Olympic Flame Cauldron Reveal. Rio’s Flame with buck tradition with the flame, not at the Track Stadium rather in Downtown Rio.

Rio was supposed to be the Games to push environmental activism. Rio’s medals are made of recycled metals. The ribbons are made from recycled plastic. The irony is, of course, the Games are an environmental  poopy  mess of the water venues  full of garbage with raw sewage spewing into the Bay.

The world doesn’t know what the Cauldron will look like – yet. I envision a giant Toilet and the eternal gas being, Methane.



THE RIO OLYMPICS will be a “success”, if its not a total disaster. Brazil is a stinky pile of poop. The President has been impeached, the economy is in a shambles, ISIS is threatening to attack, the Rio Gangs are back in power and the Army can’t control them. Athletes arriving in Rio have found their living accommodations to be 3rd world status, with waste coming out of plumbing, open and exposed electrical lines and broken… everything.  ZIKA mosquitos are waiting for tasty arms and legs. Open sewage draining into the bay. Some delegations members have already been robbed, and the Games haven’t even started.

Start the Conga line its A RIO PARTY!


Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 8.13.35 AM.png

THE RIO OLYMPICS has the potential to be a disaster for Brazil. Forget that the county is a political mess – Athletes are opting out of participating for health concerns. Zika Virus is a major concern. Events like Rowing are plagued (see what I did there?) with pollution. The water is so bad that if an athlete ingests the water they could be become violently sick.

The US team will wear an Anti-Microbial Suit that is intended to keep out most micro-polluting sicknesses… but it doesn’t cover the athletes mouth…so…. yeah.