LOS ANGELES WANTS THE OLYMPICS. There are other cities that want the Olympics too. My suggestion for LA. Shrink-Wrap plenty of money put it on an unmarked cargo plane headed to the home offices of the IOC in Lausanne Switzerland… Just sayin — you might be the “winning bid”.

If it acts like a crook and quacks like a crook….





I ADMIT THAT I LOATH HOPE SOLO. She’s a loud-mouthed self-aggrandizing petulant ass. She’s been arrested for beating up a relative and she acts the bully when it suits her.

Team USA lost to Team Sweden in the Semifinals yesterday and it was no surprise to me (and most anyone who follows soccer) that she acted like a self-aggrandizing petulant ass after penalty kicks. She didn’t like the Swedes playing a defensive game so after the loss she called the Swedes cowards. Sweden couldn’t hang with America in an uptempo game so they played a tactically smart defensive game and won in a shoot-out. Smart –  and it got the Swedes a win, but Solo in all her inelegant prose said the better team didn’t win and the Swedes “are all cowards” – all because they didn’t play a game that suited Solo. 

I’m a Patriot. I love my country.  And I love watching America beat anyone in the world, but when Solo is on the team and it loses I feel not a whiff of regret — all because Solo is so loathsome. She’s 38 so there little left of Hope Solo in the Net. After she’s replaced I can go back to being a full-throated fan.