NFL Witch hunt1

GOODELL has ultimate and unfettered power to demand a Witch Trial  even when the only evidence in support is the unsupported ramblings of guy who retracted what he said. And who’s to blame? Well, sure, Goodell for treating his office like he’s the Chief Inquisitor, where players must prove innocence rather than Goodell proving guilt – but the real culprit is the Players Association. 

The PA allowed Goodell to be judge, jury and often executioner. PA is to blame for empowering a despot, for without the PA signing that awful agreement he wouldn’t have this power to use. 


browns paint.jpg

THE HALL OF FAME GAME was supposed to be played last Sunday in Canton Ohio, but the “wrong paint” was used on the field. The painted areas were either rock hard or like stepping on tar. Maintenance guys tried to remove the paint, but it was still unplayable and the game was canceled out of caution, only the third cancellation in the past 20 years, and a first for using the wrong paint.

Heads no doubt rolled over this debacle. The guy responsible for buying the wrong paint has a job right up the road in Cleveland…




JOHNNY MANZIEL is a living train-wreck. It’s a shame but his path is set. Manziel will never return to Professional Football. He’ll burn through his guaranteed money and in 5 years he’ll end up the subject a postmortem story in Sports Illustrated: “The Tragic End of Johnny Football”. Dude’s a wreck. Drugs, Alcohol and Gravity will do the rest.