A-ROD’S CAREER will be over in a few hours – and good riddance. Yes he was an amazing physical freak, and gifted at playing the game. He was also an enormous self-absorbed petulant asshole and juiced-up cheater. He juiced (likely) most of his career and at a minimum  1/3 of it. The only player banned for an entire season. He cheated, then denied he cheated. He cheated, again, and fought his suspension. He blamed others. It was never his fault.  No one should regret that he is soon to be out of baseball. I, for one, hate watching athletes I know are cheaters – and when you add the fact that he’s miserable human being on top of that… Good Riddance.

The Hall of Fame voters will not treat him well.



IN 2012 AFTER  A PRODUCTIVE BUT NOT AN AWARD WINNING YEAR, PRINCE FIELDER signed  for $214,000,000. He was just short of 28 yrs old, and the contract was for 9 years. It was the biggest, fattest contract in Major League Baseball at the time.  It was also a massive gamble. Fielder was never a good position player – he  was an adequate First Baseman with an above average, average with good power… but even at 28 when athletes are usually in their prime, he was gaining weight.

Detroit unloaded him and his contract to the Texas Rangers the next year and now, to the surprise of no one with an ounce of honesty, Fielder’s body  has broken down. I thought at the time that his body type and weight would prove to be his enemy and that he would never make it to the end of his 9 year contract – and he didn’t. Now the Rangers will be sending a $24,000,0000 check to Fielder every year for the next 5 years. DEAD MONEY is money that clubs pay for people they no long play. Sometimes its guys traded to another team or guys who could no longer play – like Fielder. DEAD MONEY was the big fat Elephant in the room during the news conference, a massive dead rotting mess that the Rangers will, literally, be paying for for the next 5 years.

While playing under his mega-deal he got 649 hits. That cals out to $326,656 per hit.

It was an overvalued deal 4 years ago, and its a really, really  bad deal today. Well, not for Fielder who five years from now will still be getting a 24 million dollar check to sit on his couch.


KEN ROSENTHAL Baseball reporter


KEN ROSENTHAL is a pretty decent, solid baseball reporter for Fox Sports. He tweeted on the last day of the Trade Deadline that Yasiel Puig had been told of his demotion, and that Puig had thrown a fit and stormed off. Seems plausible, but it wasn’t true. Puig wasn’t even at the stadium – so the source, for lack of a better phrase was “full of shit”. I published a Yasiel Cartoon of a Puig Bobblehead with the head off the spring, and the above cartoon the next day… except this isn’t the cartoon I published first. I tweeted out a cartoon mocking Rosenthal (actually mocking Trumps lack of common sense and fact checking) with a spelling error.

I fixed it, by deleting the first one, and putting this one up. God’s punishment methinks. I’ve been kinda mean lately… but isn’t that what cartoonists do?





CHRIS SALE is one of the best pitchers in Baseball and he seems to be one of the most arrogant jerks as well. He cut up all the throwback jersey because they felt “uncomfortable”. 5 days suspension. He’s back and likely on the trade block.

Collaterally, the jerseys he cut up are hideous. They should be permanently retired to the garbage bin.

(Appeared in SI Online and in LANG newspapers)

CHRIS SALE…big baby


White Sox pitcher Chris Sale apparently doesn’t have an off-switch or adult self control. This past Saturday, Sale was scheduled to start. The White Sox had a “Throwback” Day, at which players had to wear uniforms from the 1980’s. Sale didn’t like the uniform so he did what any 2 year old would do… he threw a fit, and cut up his uniform with scissors. Then he voiced his displeasure at a team official, in the form a yelling at the official. To be clear, the uniforms Sale refused to wear are hideous. The Sox should retire, permanently the jerseys in question but that’s not the point. Sale acted like a Brat, who needs a time-out.

He got what he wanted. Sorta. His petulance cost him a five day suspension, and all of  Baseball commentators calling him a big baby. I suspect Sale is like many really good athletes who have been handed everything in life. They treat the world as annoyances just occupying their space, and if the athlete doesn’t like something, they lash out. Sale needs to grow up. Maybe getting his pay docked and suspended for 5 games will do it. Maybe not.