HERM EDWARDS seems to know how to pundit. He’s been doing it for a long time at ESPN, and he should stick to what’s he’s good at – not try to return to a profession he gave up a decade ago. Herm Edwards is [apparently] interested in the open head coaching job at Arizona State, and apparently Arizona State is oddly interested in a failed, retired 10 years ex-NFL coach.

Edwards has not coached, at all,  in 10 years. He hasn’t coached college football players in almost 30. Easy math – if he was hired as “Head Ball Coach” at Arizona State, there isn’t one player he’d coach-up who was alive the last time he tried that at the college level.

ASU might as well dig up Vince Lombardi and interview his corpse.




I NEVER THOUGHT I’d ever do a cartoon analogizing POTUS as a junkyard dog. Alas Mr. Trump can’t help himself. He barks at everything from his own shadow to people who should mean nothing to him. Trump has the self-control of 4 year old in front of a cookie jar with mom in the next room. He’s incapable of acting like an adult.

Trump has been in a twitter snit directed at LaVar Ball, the huckster father of the Ball trio. Trump wants people to like him, and he wants to be thanked for interceding to get LiAngelo and two UCLA teammates out of China. He got his shorts in a tight when nutmeg LaVar wouldn’t thank him for interceding and then went on a snit.

Who would have dreamed up a POTUS sitting at the Resolute Desk tweeting nasty rants at a jackoff helicopter father? Not me. But alas he does, and did and there it is. A cartoon of Trump as a junkyard dog.

Junkyard Dog


SKIPSKIP BAYLESS is a hero of mine. Oh, not because he’s bright, talented, funny or entertaining or for that matter, because he’s good at his job. He’s none of those things. No it’s because he made it to the top of sports commentary for being just the opposite. Bayless is a professional troll. A nincapoop who made it. A boob who makes millions being a lighting-rod of stupidity.

Bayless isn’t just frequently wrong, he’s almost always wrong. Recently he criticized Carson Wentz for getting “stripped” of the ball during a blow-out win. Expect, Wentz wasn’t stripped-sacked. Wentz wasn’t in the game, his backup was. Skippy doesn’t really pay attention to reality, because reality is boring. Reality requires thoughtful commentary. It’s much easier to be dumb as a post and comment on made up stuff. And Skippy really doesn’t care if he’s wrong, because in 5 minutes he’ll be wrong about something new. In that respect Skippy has the “shame” memory of a goldfish. He’s forgets how dumb he is in 30 seconds and moves on to the next dumb comment.

So, why do I say Bayless is my hero? Because, only in America can a man as dumb as Skippy make it to the top. He’s made a fortune notwithstanding being Skippy, and how great is that. Skippy should inspire millions of idiot, trolls and dolts to reach the top of the mountain. So many boobs should turn to Skippy as an example and say: “If Skippy can do it – well, by golly so can I!”.



espn barstool

ESPN can’t seem to stop stepping on rakes. It hired Barstool Personalities to do a Show on ESPN, and when President of ESPN finally woke up and discovered what Barstool Sports does for a living, it canceled the show – after one episode.

Personally I was waiting for the implosion around week three.

This should not have happened. Not because the show is bad, it’s because ESPN should have known what they were buying into before it hit the air. It’s like hiring OJ to do a “Justice in America” Show and then canceling after one episode because you just found out OJ is felon.



Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 7.43.29 AM.png

KEVIN DURANT has multiple twitter accounts and all but one are his alter-egos. His alter-egos defend his rep by blasting trolls and “haters”. Imagine making 30 Million a year and being so insecure that you feel the need to check twitter for negative mentions and then responding to tweets with an alter-ego rant defending yourself. So time-consuming and silly.