Joe Simpson the Atlanta Braves play-by-play dude and a former major leaguer went full get-off-my-lawn yesterday, complaining on air that the Dodgers had taken BP in… clutch  your pearls and grab a seat… T-shirts and sweats. I know, pretty serious stuff – right? Well, no it’s not but that didn’t stop Simpson from slamming the Dodger millennials as unprofessional. Along with Simpson’s silly “tradition” argument he claimed fans come to watch players and ‘wouldn’t know who they were’ without uniforms. I definitely have trouble distinguishing Justin Turner from Yasiel Puig so, point well taken Joe.

Simpson had a full throated supporter in Atlanta radio guy Chuck Kelly (tweet below). Kelly stepped on his own rake and slammed it into his face by proclaiming that people complaining about Simpson’s ‘get-off-my -lawn rant, “never wore the uniform”. Oh – ok guy. News Flash bro, the people you’re complaining about – wear a Dodgers uniform right now, so maybe sit this one out?

I guess Simpson thinks we should go back to the good old days when men were manly men – when Mickey Mantle and Billy Martin could drink themselves into a stupor and show up for a game the next day still drunk but hey, they’d be dressed in suits and ties and looking professional.




RON MANFRED INHABITS the office of commissioner of baseball. He runs baseball perhaps not with the dictatorial sense of Goodall but he has the capacity and frankly the responsibility to promote the game and the players who play it.

How much trouble would it be for Baseball to promote Mike Trout – its best player and an all around good guy? Apparently its too much trouble for Commissioner Manfred who demurred to Trout, suggesting Trout should promote himself. Wait… wut?

That’s like PGA deciding in the 2000’s it doesn’t need to promote or highlight Tiger Woods because, hey “he’ll do that himself”. No – the PGA rode that pony until Tiger wrapped his car around a tree. Even then it helped Tiger rehab his image.

Major League Baseball is not served well by a man who won’t promote its best player. After all what is his job other than to collect a huge salary, enforce rules and promote the game?



IT’S PRETTY COOL THAT a Washington DC HOMETOWN STAR won the Home Run Derby. With the nuttiness in DC of late, we need some fun and sanity back in the capital. It’s equally awesome that Bryce Harper was wearing Red White and Blue, used a Red White Blue bat and, as always, sported the Harper hair highlighted with a bandana.

Harper’s Hair is a National Treasure. It should have it’s own contract and be insured by Lloyds of London. I don’t know if  I’m a fan of Harper. He tends play the game the way he wants to play it (or not play) – but the way he uses his magnificent coif as a weapon of intimidation is pretty cool – like forming into the image of the HR Derby Trophy.

National Treasure.harper

QATAR World Cup 2022

QATAR,  veritable garden spot of the Middle East where temperatures can melt lead is now the host country for the FIFA 2022 World Cup

Odd that Qatar was chosen as the host nation. There are more people living in the San Fernando Valley than in the entire Emirate. It’s 99% desert sand. The people building the venues are mostly low wage immigrants who had their passports seized after entering the country. Qatar “allegedly” keeps those workers captive – because they cannot leave without passports and the workers “allegedly” live in squaller. It’s just allegations.

Qatar’s constitution is based on Sharia Law and their women are second class citizens but Qatar got the bid and will host the World Cup in 2022 because, hey, great sand, super venues that don’t yet exist.

Good Luck to those going. I’m not.  I doubt my visa would be granted… FIFA3

“LeKers” have new uniforms


Nike has announced it’s redesigned the Lakers’ unis and the reveal is, soon. Here’s a peek at the new look…

James is the best player in the league but unfortunately, the Lakers’ supporting cast isn’t Warrior-like, and regardless of what the circus clown LeVar Ball thinks, Z isn’t in the same atmosphere as Lebron James. The Lakers are Lebron and bunch of dudes for now.

For intents and purposes the Lakers are, THE LABRONERS, until 2019-20




I WAS ASKED ON THE VODCAST THE DRILL how I come up with my cartoon ideas. The above is the end result of a moment where I had no idea what I would draw. I called my soccer-coaching son who suggested that I draw Germans putting together shitty IKEA furniture. Not bad.

Then I thought, well the Germans have some world history of getting their asses kicked in Mother Russia – so why not the team exiting from Russia with heads down lamenting about “never winning” in Russia…

Then I watched a South Korean take a ball to the ball sack. Idea problem solved.


MVP of the NBA is not a BFD if you haven’t won a Title


JAMES HARDEN is a baller – Always in contention for the MVP award and his Rockets took the Warriors to 7 games,  but any player will tell you they would trade all of their MVP awards for one Championship ring. Harden may someday join LeBron James and Curry as winners of both but as it stands now, he’s a baller without a ring.

And just my opinion but, damn. The MVP sculpture is UG-A-LY.

Below is what I’d use. It happens to be one of my sculptures but hey, I think it offers a little more of what the NBA is about. It’s also of one the greatest of all time – Kareem Abdul Jabbar hooking over Robert Parish. Thompson_09