QATAR World Cup 2022

QATAR,  veritable garden spot of the Middle East where temperatures can melt lead is now the host country for the FIFA 2022 World Cup

Odd that Qatar was chosen as the host nation. There are more people living in the San Fernando Valley than in the entire Emirate. It’s 99% desert sand. The people building the venues are mostly low wage immigrants who had their passports seized after entering the country. Qatar “allegedly” keeps those workers captive – because they cannot leave without passports and the workers “allegedly” live in squaller. It’s just allegations.

Qatar’s constitution is based on Sharia Law and their women are second class citizens but Qatar got the bid and will host the World Cup in 2022 because, hey, great sand, super venues that don’t yet exist.

Good Luck to those going. I’m not.  I doubt my visa would be granted… FIFA3

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