WHAT IS THE WORST THING about LaVar Ball? It’s not that his carney-barking or selling overpriced shoes, nor  his twitter arguments with Trump – it’s that he’s a shitty parent.

I don’t know more than what I see in media but he (and his wife) seem to have produced one son (Lonzo) who can play in the NBA and make his own way. LiAngelo seems to be a D-League human who will do and say what his dad tells him to say. Melo is the youngest and seems to be fully developed Duchenozzle. He’s learned from his dad the value of being a prick and now that his pop has pulled him out of school and prevented him from playing in college, he’s developed into a socially stunted duchenozzle.

So, off to Lithuania in in the winter for the Balls brothers to play organized street-ball with a bunch of 3rd rate Euro slugs who wouldn’t get picked to play on a concrete court in Manhattan Beach, let alone play for pay in the US. Super move LaVar! Your helicopter parenting is catching up to you and your kids, and no amount of money will change the fact that you’ve ruined them.

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