I NEVER THOUGHT I’d ever do a cartoon analogizing POTUS as a junkyard dog. Alas Mr. Trump can’t help himself. He barks at everything from his own shadow to people who should mean nothing to him. Trump has the self-control of 4 year old in front of a cookie jar with mom in the next room. He’s incapable of acting like an adult.

Trump has been in a twitter snit directed at LaVar Ball, the huckster father of the Ball trio. Trump wants people to like him, and he wants to be thanked for interceding to get LiAngelo and two UCLA teammates out of China. He got his shorts in a tight when nutmeg LaVar wouldn’t thank him for interceding and then went on a snit.

Who would have dreamed up a POTUS sitting at the Resolute Desk tweeting nasty rants at a jackoff helicopter father? Not me. But alas he does, and did and there it is. A cartoon of Trump as a junkyard dog.

Junkyard Dog

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