SKIPSKIP BAYLESS is a hero of mine. Oh, not because he’s bright, talented, funny or entertaining or for that matter, because he’s good at his job. He’s none of those things. No it’s because he made it to the top of sports commentary for being just the opposite. Bayless is a professional troll. A nincapoop who made it. A boob who makes millions being a lighting-rod of stupidity.

Bayless isn’t just frequently wrong, he’s almost always wrong. Recently he criticized Carson Wentz for getting “stripped” of the ball during a blow-out win. Expect, Wentz wasn’t stripped-sacked. Wentz wasn’t in the game, his backup was. Skippy doesn’t really pay attention to reality, because reality is boring. Reality requires thoughtful commentary. It’s much easier to be dumb as a post and comment on made up stuff. And Skippy really doesn’t care if he’s wrong, because in 5 minutes he’ll be wrong about something new. In that respect Skippy has the “shame” memory of a goldfish. He’s forgets how dumb he is in 30 seconds and moves on to the next dumb comment.

So, why do I say Bayless is my hero? Because, only in America can a man as dumb as Skippy make it to the top. He’s made a fortune notwithstanding being Skippy, and how great is that. Skippy should inspire millions of idiot, trolls and dolts to reach the top of the mountain. So many boobs should turn to Skippy as an example and say: “If Skippy can do it – well, by golly so can I!”.


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