dippMONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL 2017 started with CHARGERS V BRONCOS, but the game was overshadowed by ESPN’s new  sideline reporter Sergio Dipp. Mr. Dipp was nothing short of a spectacular failure. He sounded like a bad imitation of Ron Burgundy after 4 scotches. Twitter lit up and Sergio followed up with a virtue-sigaling speech from his hotel room in which he explained (in 2 minutes of halting monologuing)  his desire to be a champion of diversity, like the two black coaches who were coaching the game on the field. Huh?

Dipp didn’t get trashed on twitter because Dipp is a minority. In fact the only thing “minority” about him, it seems, is that English is not his primary language and  American Football is not his primary sport. He got trashed because he botched the assignment. He was completely out of his element. He had trouble reciting his lines. He lots his place multiple times. His cadence was terrible. His accent pretty apparent.  He got confused when stadium noise ticked up. He blathered some gibberish about the two coaches being black, and then disappeared for the rest of the game. “What. The Fuck… was that?” was American’s reaction.

ESPN, of course defended its decision to employ Dipp as their new high-profile on-air personality notwithstanding his spectacular failure. ESPN fired a bunch of very talented on-air personalities which makes Dipp’s hire baffling. He’s not even close to being ready for primetime. Yet, talented people who could have taken his sideline duties (who happened to be, for the most part white) watched MNF from a couch because ESPN fired them. ESPN can’t afford actual talent but apparently can afford hiring Dipp. Yes, his name is Dipp.

Makes no sense, but that is the state of ESPN in 2017



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