PGA – and The Troll Police

OVER THE PAST several years (coinciding with DVRs and internet trolls, people with nothing better to do than ruin someone else’s livelihood have been rewinding PGA event and slo-mo’ing every step of players to find that one offense they can call into PGA Police and report the crime.

Jordan Spieth won the Travelers on a dramatic sand-save and holed it. He threw his sand wedge in excitement.  It would not surprise me if thousands of trolls rewound Spieth’s club throw just to see if the club touched the bunker.

Two of my top complaints about the PGA, isn’t about the PGA; its trolls and dummies. Trolls sitting at home, looking for violations and calling them in, and dummies behind the ropes who, on every tee shot yell: GET IN THE HOOOOOOLE! Aggg…. Find something else to yell.


One thought on “PGA – and The Troll Police

  1. Oh they yell more than “get in the hole”, and it’s even more annoying. It’s not cleaver coming up with some stupid thing to yell like “bababooie”.


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